Help Yourself From Beyond Yourself


“Only a ray of the soul descended and clothed itself in the physical body. The essence of the soul remains above, embraced and merged with God.” The book of Exodus opens with the verse: “And these are the names of the Israelites who came to Egypt”. The Torah then goes on to list the names […]

How To Really Do Mesiras Nefesh


Real mesiras nefesh and self-transcendence is not when you sacrifice yourself for what you believe, it’s when you’re ready to give up what you believe. The tenth and final test that Hashem gave to Avraham was to bind his son Yitzchak and sacrifice him as an offering on the altar. The Talmud says: ‘I have […]

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone And Into Your Greatness


Avraham’s remarkable journey teaches us to embrace discomfort and step beyond our comfort zones in both our spiritual pursuits and relationships, enabling profound personal growth and a deeper connection with the divine. Avraham embarked on a journey marked by ten trials. One of the craziest being the test in Ur Kasdim. Avraham chose to be […]

After One World Is Destroyed,
A New One Awaits

Noah's Ark

By entering into a state of devekus through Torah and Tefilah we can transform the floods of chaos into peace and tranquility. Chassidus teaches that the name of parsha expresses what the parsha is about. But Noach, which means rest and tranquility is the exact opposite of a catastrophic flood and displacement of the rebels […]

Taking Marriage Off Autopilot


“In a way that a person conducts themselves on Shabbat in the beginning, so shall the entire year proceed.” (From Chabad Rebbes’ sayings) It All Starts Here There’s a famous saying about Shabbos Bereishis that essentially says the way I act on this Shabbos will influence my behavior for the entire year. So, what makes […]

One Heart One Family

What is the difference between the unity based on Torah versus any other ideology or belief?

You Are What You Eat

How then do the special characteristics of ‘split hooves’ and ‘chewing cud’ teach me to be a better husband?