After One World Is Destroyed,
A New One Awaits

Noah's Ark

By entering into a state of devekus through Torah and Tefilah we can transform the floods of chaos into peace and tranquility.

Chassidus teaches that the name of parsha expresses what the parsha is about.

But Noach, which means rest and tranquility is the exact opposite of a catastrophic flood and displacement of the rebels of the Tower of Babel.

These were certainly highly stressful events, to say the least.

So where’s the rest and tranquility of Noach?

Of course, the Torah is totally exact and to understand this we have to understand the deeper hidden meaning behind these difficult and stormy events.

A New World

Chassidus explains that although the flood itself and the generation of the Tower of Babel were the exact opposite of rest and tranquility, they were not punishment but rather a purification.

The flood purified the land and created a ‘new world’, one that was higher and holier than the one that existed before.

It was a world that had ascended to a higher level, to the point that Hashem made an eternal covenant ‘for all generations’ with it.


Life can be challenging. Get short sweet insights & inspiration to help you live with more clarity, confidence and joy.


Get short and sweet insights & inspiration to help you master your marriage.

Light Within The Darkness

This, in fact, is the deeper purpose of all the difficulties and challenges that we face in life.

Even though we may experience incredible negative and undesirable things, they ultimately conceal a good intention within them.

When wer’e able to step up to the challenges we face and overcome them, we succeed in revealing the sparks of holiness hidden within them.

It’s then that the darkness is transformed, becomes good and holy, and ultimately helps us in our avodas Hashem.

And this is also why we read parshas Noach after we leave the holy festivals of the month of Tishrei and return to the mundane life.

Tishrei is called חודש השביעי, which means the ‘seventh’ month, but can also mean the month of satiation and fullness, like from the word שובע/Sova.

And after binging on all the kedusha and spirituality of the holidays, it might be a little shocking to re-enter back into the mundanity of ‘real life’.

The mabul, the flood and the chaos of the world, might be a little too much to bear.

In comes parshas Noah and encourages: Do not fear the flood and chaos of worldy material concerns, do not be troubled by the ‘מים רבים’ , the ‘Mighty Waters’!

You can transform the negativity of the flood and the מים רבים/Mighty Waters into מי נח/Waters of Noah, the waters of tranquility.

How? By ‘Entering the ark.’

Clarity Within Chaos

The Baal Shem Tov explains that תיבה/Ark also can mean תיבה/words of Torah and Prayer.

By entering into a state of devekus through Torah and Tefilah, we aren’t only saved from ‘the waters of the flood,’ but also transform them into ‘the waters of Noah,’ into tranquility.

The pressures of making a living and dealing with the mundane world become sanctified and help to elevate us to even higher levels in our avodas Hashem.

The same goes for marriage.

I may feel that I’m drowning in the chaos and volatility of all the fighting and misunderstandings.

But by learning how to enter into a safe space of clarity and focus I can emerge after the storm and elevate my marriage to an even higher and holier level.

And knowing how to manage during times of chaos is how you become a Marriage King.


Life can be challenging. Get short insights & inspiration to help you live with more clarity, confidence and joy.

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