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Preparation For Revelation

Parshas Bamidbar is always read before Shavuos (Tur Orech Chaim 428)

Parshas Bamidbar is always read before the holiday of Shavuos. And from this we learn that it is a preparation for the holiday.

Every year on the holiday of Shavuos Hashem gives us the Torah anew. And so it is clear that the preparation for the renewed receiving needs to be similar to the preparation of the receiving of the Torah the first time..

The preparation to receive the Torah is peace and unity. The Sages learned this from the verse, “And Israel camped around the mountain”.

It does not say, “…they camped” in the plural form like as in the verse, “And they traveled from Refidim… and they camped in the desert.”)

Rather it says, ‘Vayichan, and he camped”, in the singular. This is alluding that they showed up to receive the Torah ‘As one man, with one heart.”

One Group

And this is how it is said in the Midrash: “Hashem asked to give the Torah to the Jewish People when they left Egypt, but they were divided from one another…

 When they came to Sinai, they became one group. Hashem said, “The Torah is about peace.

And to whom do I give it?

To the nation that loves peace.”

We are not talking about just regular unity, but unity that is ‘around the mountain’, unity around Mt. Sinai and around what it represents, in other words, Torah and mitzvos.

When Jews unite through Torah, this unity is true and everlasting, and it also brings great blessings and abundance from above.


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True Foundation

The power of unity is huge.

Through it anything that is wanted can be achieved, and even if this unity is for negative purposes.

This was the secret of the generation of the Tower of Babel, that was ‘one language and one saying’, a generation that was united and bound.

Hashem said of this, “And now, nothing can stop whatever they plan to do.” 

However, ultimately this unity failed because unity not based on Torah cannot last. 

The unity around the ‘Giving of the Torah’, is a unity that’s foundation is true. 

During the experience of Mt. Sinai Hashem revealed His inner essence to the People of Israel.

Within the Torah, He placed His ‘Soul’, so to speak. 

Therefore, when the People of Israel unite around the Torah, a unification is made between the souls of Israel and their original source, Hashem.

This is how real unity is achieved, ‘like one man and one heart’.

One Action

From this we learn that the preparation for the holiday of Shavous is the strengthening of the love for a fellow Jew.

And this needs to be expressed in making an effort to bring another Jew closer to the light of Torah.

This way it is not a temporary unity, but rather unity around Torah and its mitvos.

And one needs to know that it depends on every man and woman.

The Maggid of Mezrich explained the Mishna, “Know what is above from you”: 

Know that everything that happens above, in the supernal worlds, is all ‘from you’, it all depends on you and your actions!

A person must see the world as if it is balanced on the scale and with one action he has the power to tip the scale and to attain the giving of the Torah.

With this preparation, we are sure that we will merit to receive the Torah with joy and internally.


Life can be challenging. Get short insights & inspiration to help you live with more clarity, confidence and joy.

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